Install OBI12c on Oracle Linux 7

November 2, 2015

OBI install is divided easily to install in parts

  1. Set up Java to the supported version
  2. Install Weblogic
  3. Install OBI setup files
  4. Config OBI including Database schemas (No more separate RCU)

Setup Java to 1.8.0_65 version

If Linux 7, you should have required libraries, if not…

sudo yum install compat-libcap1 compat-libstdc++-33 libgcc libstdc++ libstdc++-devel sysstat gcc gcc-c++

make glibc glibc-devel libaio

Use infrastructure.jar to start installing and configuring weblogic

Done with weblogic, let’s go ahead and setup OBI files

  1. Install OBI, let’s unzip the 1st zip file, and execute the .bin. Screenshots are self-explanatory J

  1. Configure OBI. Same as 11g, go ahead to <OBI_HOME>/bi/bin and look for

You can choose to install

  1. Essabase
  2. BIP
  3. OBI

Configure Database

It’s a successful Install. I installed on a Virtual Box with 4GB RAM.


OBIEE 12c is Out..!!!

October 24, 2015

Finally OBI 12c is out.

Time to play..